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Jackie Ball, LCO:  BOC Certified Orthotist since 2003 through apprenticeship.  She is now a Certified Orthotist through both ABC and BOC as well as a Certified Mastectomy Fitter through BOC.  She is Licensed in the States of Tennessee and Kentucky.  She has attended a variety of continuing education courses through Hanger Educational Fairs, including Sole Supports custom inserts,  Accor orthopedic shoes and inserts, Spinal Tech Spinal Bracing, and Horton KAFO seminar.  She has also completed Jobst compression garment training and issued Fitter # 862524.  She completed the Otto Bock Free Walk Stance Control KAFO course in 2005, Kinetic Research Ultra G Fabricating with carbon fiber and SpinaCor Phase 1 Training for the SpinaCor Scoliosis Bracing in 2006.   Jackie attended and successfully completed the Walk-Aid System: Using Functional Electrical Stimulation in July 2007.  She has attend the Prime Fare East 2008 Spring Meeting and attended Pedorthic sessions and Orthotic Sessions, and also the AAOP OH  Chapter Spring Meeting attending both Pedorthic sessions and Orthotic sessions.  Jackie has a great deal of experience and training in spinal management and attended Spinal Tech Orthotic Intervention of Scoliosis and Nocturnal Providence Scoliosis system.   She is the Owner/President of The Brace Shoppe, Inc.
Michael Chaffin, CP:  Michael attended Northwestern University  to study Orthotic and Prosthetic from 1975 to 1978.  He has worked as a Prosthetic Practioner since that time, but did not become a BOC Certified Prosthetist until 2005 and shortly following this became an ABC Certified Prosthetist.  Michael has completed annual continuing education courses in his 30+ years in this field.  Including the Sabolich Socket design, Harmony Socket design, Narrow ML design, Ischial Containment design and the C-leg course.  He has experience working with the Microprocessor Knee training for several different Manufactures, Elevated Vacuum , Bebionic Hand , and the Compass smart Pyramid.  He is very verst in all aspects of prosthetic

design and patient evaluation.   
Anthon Brown, CPOA, CP, CFO:  Anthon is a very valuable member of our team.  He trained in his native home of South Africa earning an associates degree in Orthotic and Prosthetic which is called a National Certificate of Orthotic Technology.  He has been employed by Otto Bock in Germany, which is a major O & P components manufacuter for 16 years as a Tech.  He also worked for the Red Cross Hospital in South Africa as a staff Orthotist/Prosthetist where he accessed and fabricated orthotic and prosthetic devices.  He then worked in Canada for over 10 years as a staff Orthotist/Prosthetist for Orthopedic Innovations .  Then moved to San Angelo, TX for 3 years as a lead Technichian / Lab Manager.  He has been with us now for 2 ½ years and has a vast knowledge of technical fabrication and does excellent work.  He is currently a certified Orthotic/Prosthetic Assistant and is pursuing his BOC Prosthetist certification with only video’s left to complete.   He has recently attended the Rheo Knee course in 2009 and the Elevated Vacuum Locking System course and the Deroyal fitters course in 2011.

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