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* Custom Spinal Orthosis                          *  Pre-Fabricated Spinal Orthosis

* Custom KAFO                                           *  Pre-Fabricated Carbon Fiber AFOs

* Custom AFO                                             *  Pre-Fabricated Knee Orthosis

* Custom Foot Orthosis                            *  Pre-Fabricated Hip Abduction Orthosis

* Custom Remolding Helmets                 *  Pre-Fabricated Wrist, Hand, Elbow Orthosis

* Above Knee Prosthesis  

* Below Knee Prosthesis

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 The warranty period for custom orthoses and prostheses in three months for workmanship and materials.  Although The Brace Shoppe, Inc. cannot be responsible for physiological/anatomical changes in patient's medical condition, although we will also attempt to maintain proper fit during this period.  Normal adjustments to enhance fit will be made at the discretion of the practitioner at no charge for a period of up to one year, although prescribed additions of componentry, straps, lifts, etc. will incur a charge.  There will be a separate charge for adjustments or repairs that are made as a result of abuse, or rough wear, such as may occur from sports, avocational, or unusual vocational activities.  Since othoses and Prostheses are prescribed at the direction of the physician, and custom fabricated for the anatomy and medical condition of each individual, they cannot be returned for credit or refund.

Except in certain specific instances, health insurance vendors have no contractual obligation to The Brace Shoppe, Inc..  Although we will exhaust every effort to assist the patient in securing reimbursement for professional services provided, ultimate responsibility for full payment of any outstanding fees remains with the patient.  Infrequent or non-use of a prostheses or orthoses does not absolve the patient from responsibility for full payment of prescribed or requested professional services rendered.

 It is in your best interest to communicate with your practitioner on a timely basis and to allow us to resolve any problems you are experiencing as efficiently and quickly as possible.  We will make every attempt to meet our needs.  Please contact the Clinical Director if there is a question or concern that your practitioner cannot resolve for you.Type your paragraph here.

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*Diabetic Shoes                                                      *Custom Molded Shoes

*Custom and Prefab Diabetic Inserts                 *Custom Semi-Rigid Inserts

*Cast Boots                                                              *UnLoadng Shoes

*Fracture Boots                                                       *Ankle Splints

*Night Splints                                                           *Shoe Modifications

The Simplicity System Orthosis directs the force from lateral to medial via a patented swivel hinge and elastic force strap on the posterior of the brace below the knee hinge. This allows the correction to take place even when the child is walking or playing.

We are proud to offer our area Pediatric patients the Simplicity KAFO for the treatment of Blounts Disease, commonly noted as Bow Leg(s) or Tibia Valga (Knot knee deformity).  This brace is receiving rave reviews with very positive out comes.  

Photo 1&2 Positive Track Telescoping ankle joint, self adjusting during dynamic correction . Controls Tibial Torsion and aligns foot, correcting toe in. Photo 3  posterior swivel hinge.